Activated Charcoal Odor Eliminator Bag- 15 PACK! Natural Air Purifier With Beautiful Box!- Air Freshener and Pet Odor Removal Keep Your Home Healthy With Air Purifying Bamboo Deodorizer Bags Non Toxic

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Manufacturer Description

Maintain a healthy home with Jungle Shack Non-Toxic Chemical Free Charcoal Bags! Keep your life fresh, dry, and odor free!

Charcoal Bags work by using air flow to capture harmful pollutants, chemicals, moisture, and allergens. That is why we have created our 15 pack of Jungle Shack Charcoal Bags. More deodorizing bags spread throughout your home will perform much better than one bag alone!

Buying one bag for each room of your house, each car, each closet, each litter box, and each pet bed, ect. would cost well over $100! That is why we have created our "HUGE CHARCOAL BAG BOX"! Each box comes with 15 bags that are 75 grams each.

With airflow bamboo charcoal bags work by absorbing harmful materials. That is why one 200 gram or 500 gram bag is not enough for a single room. Spread these charcoal bags throughout the areas of your home, for better coverage than the single larger bags alone.

Each Jungle Shack Charcoal bag is made using stylish, soft green fabric, along with a convenient rope to hang bag anywhere!

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

• Formaldehyde
• Ammonia
• Benzene
• Carbon Dioxide
• Nicotine
• Tar

Absorbs Excess Moisture Preventing:

• Mold
• Mildew
• Bacteria
• Spores

Eliminate Odors

• Fridge/Freezer
• Bedroom/Bathroom
• Kitchen/Closets
• Gym Bag/ Footwear
• Garage/Cars
• Litter Box/Pet Areas

Use Up To Two Years!

Simply Place the Charcoal Bags in the Sun Every Month For One Hour!

Our Highest Priority is your Satisfaction

Again, thank you for your help in preserving the great pandas and their environments! With your purchase you will be contributing .15 cents to Pandas International

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Product Features

?PROTECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FROM HARMFUL POLLUTANTS!- Reduces indoor air pollution by capturing dangerous chemicals, such as, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Benzene, Nicotine, Tar, and Carbon Dioxide which is harmful to the human body. ?FRESH ODOR FREE HOME!- Instead of masking odors, Jungle Shack Bamboo Charcoal has ten times more surface area, and is four times stronger in its absorption rate. These porous bamboo charcoal bags have countless tiny holes that effectively absorbs and trap odors, moisture, and polluted air particles! ?REDUCES MOLD AND MILDEW- Jungle Shack Bamboo Charcoal absorbs excess moisture from the air. Preventing mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing in your home. This is great for those with asthma and other breathing difficulties, by reducing mold spores and other harmful allergens! ?WE LOVE HELPING PANDAS, AND WE KNOW YOU DO TOO! With every box that is sold, .15 cents goes to Pandas International. This Great none profit organization helps in preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda. Thank you for your help! ?PERFECT FOR GIFTS! Each 200g bag is carefully packed and shipped in a beautiful box. Perfect for giving as a gift for any of your loved ones, or if you are just treating yourself!:) "Click Buy Now!"

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