Amasawa Air Purifying Box 80 g (2 pack) Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Portable Air Freshener for Fridge,Freezers,Closet,Car,Shoes,kitchens,basements,bedrooms (Purifying box *2)

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Manufacturer Description

Our Bamboo Clear air purifying bag is the easiest way to maintain a fresh, dry and odor free environment. Made of just one incredibly powerful natural ingredient bamboo charcoal. The bamboo charcoal Bag is continuously working to remove odors, allergens and harmful pollutants. For damp, musty environments the natural air purifying bags will absorb excess moisture to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from forming. Perfecting for Kitchens, Basements and Cars, put one near the trash or diaper pail, ideal for sports bags, dorm rooms and office cubicles, anywhere you need air purifying.
Amasawa Air purifier bag is chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic way to remove odors and allergens from your home or car. The bamboo charcoal is sealed inside a beautifully stitched linen bag which can be placed on any surface.

With simple maintenance the bags are reusable for up two years, just place them outside in the sun once a month for at least one hour to rejuvenate. At the end of their lifespan you can recycle the bamboo charcoal into the soil. 

Bamboo Clear is a high-performance, organic moisture and odor absorber. What exactly is bamboo charcoal? Bamboo Charcoal is made up of pieces of bamboo, burned at high temperatures which results in environmental protection by reducing pollutant residue. It also has excellent absorption properties!    
Note: how can we work more evident
1, the more  quantity, they work better. For household refrigerator, it is recommended to use 6
2, open it, put them out in the sun about 2 hours, than put it all inside the refrigerator.two weeks later, they will work well
3, remove the musty things first, and then put Amasawa charcoal Purifying boxes in the fridge.or Keep ventilation.

Product Features

KEEPS YOUR HOME FRESH & HEALTHY: Because these deodorizer bags adsorb and remove mold spores, toxic fumes, allergens, and other harmful particles in the air, it leaves your home not only fresh-smelling but also clean and safe. You can hang one of these bags in various areas in your house such as your closets, your kid's room, living area, and in your kitchen. WORKS GREAT IN CRAMPED PLACES: These odor remover bags are bigger and has increased adsorption power so they can work perfectly especially in the often-forgotten' confined spaces in your home like the attic, basement, and even your garage! And if your car or office needs some help with odor removal, these bags are an ideal solution. REMOVES STINKY PET SMELLS TOO: Get rid of cat litter box smell, wet dog odor, and other unpleasant pet odors. You can easily hang one of these bags near your kitty box to prevent bad odor buildup. So now you can get your home to not smell like your pets! The Air Purifying Bag sold by Amasawa is the easiest way to maintain a fresh, dry and odor free environment;Reuse for up to two years, to rejuvenate just place the bags outside in the sun once a month for about an hour. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Amasawa,quality brands, we provide the most perfect after-sales service. 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back Satisfaction in 30 days

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