Bamboo Charcoal Remove Odors Naturally with Activated Air Purifying Moisture Removing 250g Bag Non Toxic & Chemical Free + REUSABLE FOR 2 YEARS !

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Manufacturer Description

  • The All-Natural Solution To A Healthy, Odor-free Atmosphere

  • Are your belongings plagued by weird, musky smells that just won't go away?
  • Do you feel that your home or vehicle is poorly ventilated?

  • Would you like to experience what clean, purified air really is like?
  • Before spending your money on harmful chemicals this may just be what you've been looking for. Clear, Odorless, Filtered Air For You & Your Family
    Just place a bag your air purifier in your environment and you'll practically feel the change; the atmosphere will become cleaner and lighter and all bad smells will vanish! It absorbs odors, pollutants, allergens and micro-particles from the air and traps them inside its activated bamboo charcoal granules.

    It also works as a dehumidifier. A moist atmosphere allows the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.
    By reducing the moisture levels, the air purifier puts a halt to all of that and promotes health and cleanliness. 100% Natural, Chemical-Free, Non-Toxic Activated Bamboo Charcoal Given its efficiency, you'd expect to hear that this air purifier contains some obscure and suspicious chemical, right? Wrong! It's nothing more than top quality bamboo charcoal, pulverized and steamed until it attains an ultra-porous form and excellent absorption properties. It's simple, ingenious and absolutely healthy and safe - even for small children and pets! It's also highly reusable - just put it under direct sunlight for a few hours to dry, and it's ready to be used again!
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  • Product Features

    ? 100% NATURAL BAMBOO ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: Our products don't use any harmful chemical like some of our competitors. Made from pure bamboo charcoal, it is highly porous and absorbs moisture, preventing germs and keeping you fresh and healthy! ? ABSORBS MOISTURE -Use as a Pet deodorizer, room freshener, shoe deodorizer, dog deodorant, car & RV air freshener and home odor absorber. Place a bag in musty, smelly or damp areas and notice the air quality improve in a few days! ? SAFE & NON-TOXIC- Unlike fragrance sprays and other deodorizing products Panda Fresh bamboo charcoal is non-toxic. Instead of masking smells with harmful chemicals, the charcoal absorbs the odors like a sponge when air passes through it. Perfectly safe around pets ,children and pandas. ? REUSE & RECHARGE - To recharge leave our Panda Fresh bag outside for 1 hour this will release odors back into mother nature recharging your bag to new. After two years, the bamboo charcoal can be recycled into your garden soil. ? 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you're not fully satisfied with our pandafresh bags, return the item for a full refund. Simple. So click that "Add to Cart" button now! Your nose will be glad you did.

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