Car Air Freshener - Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag by Osmose - Absorbs and Eliminates Odor - Fragrance and Chemical Free

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Experience All-Natural Air Freshening

Chinese take-out, the kid's soccer uniforms, fertilizer for the yard, and your wet dog are no match for the Osmose Air Purifying Bag.  Activated carbon in the 100% bamboo charcoal filters and traps undesirable scents and air pollutants.  Sewn into a linen bag for easy hanging, this natural air purifier acts like a sponge to absorb odors, allergens, dampness, and bacteria before they wreak havoc on your vehicle's interior and your family’s health.  To use, simply hang the bag around your car headrest from the adjustable string.

Other aerosol fresheners and fragranced cardboard cutouts end up right in the trash after their manufactured scents wear off.  Omose’s sustainably designed car air freshener lasts up to 12+ months and is easily rechargeable.  Simply lay your bamboo charcoal out in the sun for one hour every month and let the UV rays renew your purifying bag time and time again.  After over a year of freshening your car, the compostable charcoal can be used to help nourish plants in your home garden. 

The all-natural fragrance-free and chemical-free air purifying bag is specially sourced from eco-friendly bamboo charcoal and linen, two of Mother Nature’s most renewable resources.  This air purifier isn’t just for cars; it can be hung in closets, living spaces, pantries, and offices.  The possibilities are endless. 

Order today to get the long-lasting 100% Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag by Osmose for all of your odor eating needs.

Product Features

100% BAMBOO CHARCOAL. Naturally porous, bamboo charcoal acts like a sponge to filter and trap even the most stubborn odors. The carbon in Osmose's high-density 100% bamboo charcoal pulls out airborne toxins to improve vehicle air quality for a safer, better smelling car interior. ABSORBS AND ELIMINATES ODOR. The bamboo charcoal bag efficiently removes pet odors, gym bag stink, cigarette smoke, and any other funky smells your family might track in. The car air freshener absorbs even more than meets the eye or nose, eliminating bacteria and allergens. FRAGRANCE & CHEMICAL FREE. Bamboo charcoal offers a safe, all-natural alternative to chemical laden aerosol sprays or heavily perfumed cardboard fresheners. Great for those who are allergic to fragrances or sensitive to harsh synthetic scents. SUSTAINABLE AIR PURIFICATION. The eco-friendly, compostable Osmose Air Purifying Bag doesn't just mask removes them. The sustainable air purifier is made of entirely renewable resources and lasts up to 12+ months, making it the best value in odor removal. ADJUSTABLE STRINGS. Designed to fit any car seat, the bag's adjustable string makes it the perfect air freshener for any vehicle. Simply pull the string to the desired length and hang the car deodorizer from the headrest to keep your car smelling clean and fresh.

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