Ozone Air Purifier, VOTOMO USB or Battery Powered Mini Ozone Ionizer for Smokers Fridge Car Travel Bathroom and Home

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Manufacturer Description

Why VOTOMO Mini Ozone Air Purifier is the Best for You?
VOTOMO - healthy protector products use the latest grid needle technology which is best suited for use in producing active oxygen and anions. These units are very compact. You can save lots of costs as they have a long life and high performance. The Health Protector only needs a few minutes to kill bacterial, remove the bad smells and improve the airquality, and create a healthier environment to live in.

Refrigerator Purifier
Fruit Bowl Air Purifier
Bedroom Air Purifier
Cupboard Air Purifier
Shoe Cabinet Air Purifier
Toilet /Bathroom Air purifier
Car Air Purifier

Technical Specification:
Method or Purification: Active Oxygen & Anions
Active Oxygen (O3): AVE. 0.05ppm with peak
Anions (Negative Ions): 2,000,000 pcs/cm3
Input voltage: 5V DC
Noise < 36 dB
Battery charge: 4 AA batteries
External power supply: 100-240V AC to 5V DC for normal or 12-24V DC to 5V DC for car
Working mode: Duty circle or continuous

Products advantages:
1. Very low power consumption and long battery life.
2. Battery operated and external power supply way, both available.
3. Not only ozone but also negative ion (Anion), good for health
4. Built-in micro CPU intelligently controls the operation cycle.
5. 314 stainless steel material guarantees long life.
6. Super Quiet : Noise < 36 dB
7. Germany standard quality, CE approved.
8. It is our patented product.

Package Including:
1 X Air Purifier
1 X USB Adapter;
1 X USB Cable;
1 X User Manual

Product Features

ADVANTAGE: VOTOMO's core technology is from Germany and was invested by German since 2002. Our product could be generate negative ion and active oxygen together. Both ozone and negative ions are the most efficient way of purifying the air, although they have different functions they complement each other very well: ozone kill bacteria and reacts with harmful gas and change them into H2O and CO2, negative ions increase oxygen and helps relieve stress, alleviate depression, boost energy CHEMICAL FREE: No Expensive Filter Needed - The accurate device delivers super stable amount of Active Oxygen and Negative Ions, will not decrease in several years, and you do not need to change expensive filter periodically like other air purifiers FUNCTION: Both Ozone and negative ions are nature's way of cleaning the environment and although they have different functions they complement each other very well. Negatively charged ions are effective in removing pollen, dust, mold spores and other harmful particles from the air and are able to improve mood.Ozone is much more effective in removing pollutants and odors, and is a powerful oxidant that kills lower organism like bacteria, mold and viruses UNIQUE DESIGN - Both batteries driven or external power driven are available, Only 0.001W! The super low power consumption makes the normal batteries last for 3.5 months. The elegant ventilations holes form a gentle wind and recycle by itself without any fan and the charming curve helps the Active Oxygen and Anions spray in the air in the best way FOR OPTIMAL USE: The effective range is within 3.3FT (one metre), it fits for small space and room.

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