Sanqiao Professional Grade Ozone Generator Air Purifier Ionizer & Deodorizer - 2 Ozone Plates

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Manufacturer Description

Why choose our ozone generator?

Our products are designed to eliminate the most stubborn smell, kill the worst of the basement mold, disinfect large living space, and keep the air clean and fresh after thunderstorms or rain. Especially in the air, filled with animal bacteria and viruses, you will need this more air ozone disinfection machine.

Commercial use and home use are competent, with adjustable amount of ozone knob, professional regulation. With the hold function, can be used for a long time, the amount of ozone remained constant. The maximum time can be up to 12 hours.

High-quality design and materials. The whole body uses aluminum alloy, reduces the weight, is easier to carry, and goes out to use. And the hardness is more solid. Using a circuit board and fan that will not be damaged by ozone, the product life is short, a big reason is that ozone itself will affect the stability of the circuit board and the fan. We have made special improvements to the use of anti-jamming fans and boards. This is a revolutionary upgrade and improvement.

More humane design. The original winding box design, so you can wire winding, more simple and beautiful. Go out to use more convenient. Non-slip rubber feet, not only to ensure the safety of the machine, but also to protect the furniture will not be scratched wear. Newly improved widening, increased handle, feel better. It's easier to use when you go out.

Product parameters:

Product Size: 22.5 ** 31.5 * 18.5cm
Weight: 4.5kg
Material: aluminum alloy, plastic
Number of Ozone Panels: 2
Power: 55W
Fan air volume: 110CFM
Certification: UL

Package list:

1 * machine
1 * manual
2 * Ozone plate
1 * Air filter cotton

Product Features

High-grade ozone generator. To ensure that you can remove the smell, the elimination of bacteria and viruses. Applicable to the family, office, boats, cars, hotels and other places. Eliminate Smoke stink, cooking smells, pet urine odors, musty closets, damp & moldy basements and other smell. Helps to eliminate and delay the growth of molds, molds and fungi, and some viruses in the air will be killed. Professional, fine control system. Unique ozone control buttons allow you to adjust the amount of ozone as needed, more flexible. Up to 12 hours of timer button, not 2 hours of the primary version. With the hold button, you can use it for a long time. Humanized design. Specially designed winding box, portable convenience. With air filter sponge, you can purify the air. Improved handle, handle larger, wider, more convenient to use. The bottom of the rubber anti-skid feet installed. Built-in silent high-quality fan, fan through the CE, UL, RoHS certification. Powerful and stable ozone generator. The use of a large number of ozone disk, compared to the rival's ozone disk, more stable, longer aging, the most critical is not in 1 hour after the generation of nitrides and other harmful gases. So it can run for a long time. Safe, high quality ozone generator. The product through the UL certification, 110V US three-pin plug. All-aluminum body, strong and lightweight, not the kind of heavy metal competitors. 5 years warranty, any problems, we provide repair, replacement and free return of the service, to solve your worries.

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